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No charge for camping!!!

For the complete festival experience you stay, during the Barn-nights, in a tent at the Drive-in Barn campsite, No charges for a campsite and showers, wether you have a tent, caravan or motorhome. Take note that the showers are not open all day.On Saturday and Sunday you can buy breakfast in the pub across the road or at one of the food stands.

No open fire

The fire department doesn’t allow us to have open fire on the campsite. So if you want to BBQ next to your tent take a solid bbq with you.




The city of St.Oedenrode allows us to camp on a temporary campsite. Believe it or not, that’s pretty special. But that’s why we have to comply to certain rules. The camping opens on friday at 15:00 hours and not a minute earlier. On Sunday afternoon at 16:00 the campsite needs to be empty and clean. So help us put the garbage in containers.

Aanbieding Teugel Resort

Met Teugel Resort Uden en Veghel hebben we een deal kunnen sluiten voor 1- of 2-persoonskamer €70 , ontbijt inbegrepen. 

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