Bands playing at Rockin' at the Drive-in Barn 2018

The Wise Guyz

All the way from the Ukraine! Not to be mistaken but these cats play all styles from the 1950s in the best way possible.

You do not wanna miss their set!

Danny McVey Trio

An authentic 3 piece Rockabilly band from London,

that formed in late 2015.

Listen to what Rockabilly sounded like in 1955 and to Dannyʼs amazing self penned tracks.

The ReChords

With their unique take on bluegrass, western swing, hillbilly and straight up rock nʼ roll, Melbourneʼs much Loved trio is finally gonna visit the low lands.

The Cowpokes

Bluegrass and Folk the authentic way. No banging on acoustic instruments as often seen nowadays but as it should be done old school style.

The Nite Howlers

French combo formed in 2016 with experienced musicians inspired by the genre of Rockabilly music from the late 50ʼs / early 60ʼs with a powerful guitar and steady rhythm section.


Eddie & Thee Scorpions

All the way from California, quickly gaining audiences from all around the world ,but be sure to hide your booze and girlfriends. Just like their 1st album title warns you “Better Beware”

Roy Dee & The Spitfires

A brand new Rockabilly combo from Portugal. However, we all know these cats and we are sure that they will give their southern European spirit full blast in their set.

The Big Kahunas

Four guys who love Rockabilly, 60s garage, beat, blues and British R&R. All combined to create their own sound which was no easy task. 12 Self penned tracks on their debut album is their highlight.

Scott Elvis

Full time Elvis tribute act which spans “Eʼs” entire career. With the same charisma, Scott and his band will give you an excellent performance of the highest order.


The low land-based band from sin city, with a lengthy list of catchy and greasy mix of songs and sounds that bop your sock off.

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